Who we are

The RG5 Group, a research centre of CERIS - Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability Unit, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), University of Lisbon, has been host to the PERCOAT research subgroup – “Performance of Coatings and Buildings Solutions.”

PERCOAT subgroup members work on the development and performance of coatings and building solutions, during the lifetime of buildings. The main research areas are focused on conventional, innovative, and sustainable coatings, and are divided into the following:

RA1 - Performance and durability

RA2 - Pathology and in-situ testing

RA3 - Maintenance and rehabilitation

Our Mission

The PERCOAT subgroup strive to:

1. provide significant research contributions in the performance of coatings, facades, and other building solutions, with low environmental impact;

2. collaborate with academic and industrial partners in the development of innovative products as well as new strategies for adequate performance and durability assessment;

3. disseminate knowledge and engage researchers, professionals, and practitioners in regular conversations.